Dr. Tanaka's office is located at:
15725 Snuz Mountain Rd.
Ramona, CA 92065
Phone: (760) 788-2445
Fax: (760)788-2494
Emergency Phone: (760) 803-1006 (for CURRENT patients only)
Email: [email protected]

If there is a life threatening emergency, FIRST CALL 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room. Then, second, call Dr. Tanaka on her emergency line.

Dr Tanaka regrets that she is no longer able to see any new patients, as she is retiring on July 4, 2021.

If you were seeking consultation with Dr. Tanaka for a Genomind Genecept Assay, please go to and request a Genomind preferred provider, other than Dr Tanaka, in your area.

If you are looking for a psychiatrist to treat you in San Diego County, consider contacting the following Psychiatrists, who treat children, adolescents and adults: Dr Dee Ann Wong MD, Dr Maria Court MD, Dr Nicodemus Watts MD, Dr Anna Carrillo MD, Dr Louella Ladia MD, Dr Shira Keri MD, Dr Mark Magulac MD, Dr Jeffrey Max MD.

For adult patients only: Dr Bernard Bogard MD, Dr Rosben Guttierez MD, Dr Jeffrey Chao MD, Dr Dolph Arnicar MD, Dr J David Garmon MD, Dr Dmitriy Sivtsov MD (pts age 14 and older; TMS and medication management), and Dr David Feifel MD at Kadima Neuropschiatry (Ketamine IM and TMS).

For geriatric patients only: Dr E. Clark Allen MD, Dr Dan Sewell MD, Dr Patricia Gilbert MD, and Dr Jason Keri MD.

Also consider contacting PsyCare Inc or Psychiatric Centers of San Diego, which are county wide groups of mental health providers, Rady Children's Outpatient Psychiatry and UCSD Outpatient Psychiatry. The website: is also helpful in narrowing down doctors via specialty, location, patient ratings, and insurance panels.

OFFICE SCHEDULE: Dr. Tanaka tries to avoid scheduling appointments which conflict with school and work schedules. OPEN ON TUESDAY through SATURDAY, FROM 7AM UNTIL 7PM. CLOSED ON SUNDAYS and MONDAYS.

The Saturday appointments are usually booked several (4-6) weeks in advance and are reserved for follow-up appointments. Sorry... no initial evaluations on Saturdays.

Emergency/urgent appointments are scheduled as clinically/medically indicated for established patients by calling Dr Tanaka on her emergency line.